Logotipo Amapet

CAT 446B Backhoe Loader


Type of automatic transmission with powershift
power shift transmission

Number of forward gears 4

Number of reverse gears 3

Maximum forward speed 31.5 km/h

Maximum speed in reverse 20.6 km/h


Digging depth in folded state 5219 mm

Digging depth in unfolded state 6528 mm

Reach from hinged elbow in folded state 6604 mm

Reach from hinged elbow in folded state 7868 mm

Shovel force in folded state 6894.6 kg

Shovel force in unfolded state 6871.9 kg

Height of loads in folded state 4310 mm

Load height in unfolded state 4894 mm

Reach with raised load in folded state 2027 mm

Reach with raised load in unfolded condition 3261 mm


Manufacturer Caterpillar

Model 3114 DIT

Effective power 76.1 kW

Total power 82 kW

Displacement 4 l.

Power measured at 2200 RPM.

Number of cylinders 4


Type of pump with load mediation, pressure control, with the seal in the mid-position

Pump capacity 178 l/min

Regulating valve pressure 22400 kPa


Fuel volume 125 l.

Turning radius 5700 mm

Front tire size 2wd / 4wd14.5/75 x16.1,10PR,F3 / 12.5×20,10PR,R4

Size of rear tires 2wd / 4wd21Lx24,12PR,R4

Working weight 4wd8890 kg


Height to the top of the cab 2864 mm

Wheel axle 2233 mm

Ground clearance 332 mm

Transport length 7654 mm

Transport width 2434 mm

Transport height 4193 mm


Shovel volume 1.1 m3

Shovel width 2434 mm

Shovel breakout force 56 kN

Load capacity at full height 3970 kg

Ground clearance at maximum lift of
unloading 2699 mm

Reach at maximum dump elevation 868 mm (868 in.)

Digging depth 162 mm