Logotipo Amapet

Machinery and Equipment

We have several units among which are all terrain cranes, articulated cranes and tractor trucks, with which specialized transportation services of different capacities including oversized structures, operated by certified personnel complying with all safety standards and have satellite tracking system 24/7, allowing us to locate them in real time and provide immediate assistance.

Our personnel is certified to operate cranes, machinery and equipment necessary to develop maneuvering services in dock and offshore. Container rentals for different types of use: office, laboratory, residential, dry and refrigerated.

RENT of: Cranes, Machinery and Equipment, operated by Certified Personnel.

  • Cranes of diverse capacities:
    • RT Cranes Capacities 40, 60, 80, 90, 110 Ton.
    • Truck Articulating Cranes Capacities 8-9, 10-12, 20 Ton.
    • RT GMK Cranes Capacities 220, 350, 500 Ton.
  • Tracto units
    • With semi-trailer.
    • Flat. F1AT: 40FT 28 Ton, F1AT: 53 FT 20 Ton.
    • Low Boy.
    • Low Bed.
    • Oil tankers. F1AT 50 Ton.