Logotipo Amapet

Wolverine Marine Dredge

Main Measurements and Characteristics

Hull Length (Length) 15.2 Mts.

Hull Width (Beam) 3.5 Mts

Overall length with cutter scale 19.2 Mts

Length of cutter scale 14.1 Mts

Hull depth 1.2 Mts

Hull draft 0.6 Mts

Total dry weight 40 Tn

Diesel fuel tank capacity 1,890 Lts at 90%.

Dredging Capacity

Minimum dredging depth 1.1 Mts

Maximum dredging depth 12.1 Mts

Length of dredge channel width 35 Mts Max. (Depending on dredging depth)

Cutter head (Hydraulic motor 35 HP) 38 in.

Dredge Pump

Caterpillar diesel engine model 3406 of 450 HP

Ellicott Suction Pump

Power 450 TDH @4,200 GPM

Suction Diameter 12 in.

Discharge diameter 10 in.

Maximum discharge distance 500 Mts

Assembly/disassembly time for transportation 7 days

Includes maneuvers, cranes, freight, etc. No

Includes thermofusion of discharge piping No