Core Services

Core Services We provide basic quality services that allow us to guarantee the best results to your service, with strict safety standards, operational continuity, protecting and respecting the environment. Professional personnel and highly qualified technicians and quality products guarantee the best results at your results at your service. Supplies. Catering-commissary. Piped water supply. Specialized […]

Machinery and Equipment

Machinery and Equipment We have several units among which are all terrain cranes, articulated cranes and tractor trucks, with which specialized transportation services of different capacities including oversized structures, operated by certified personnel complying with all safety standards and have satellite tracking system 24/7, allowing us to locate them in real time and provide immediate […]

Specialized Services

Specialized Services Our professional personnel are certified to operate cranes, machinery and equipment and equipment necessary to develop services with opportunity and quality, guaranteeing the maneuvers in dock and offshore. Offshore Services. Loading or unloading maneuvers: materials or heavy structures 60 Ton. Offshore container rentals (office, laboratory and living quarters 20-40FT). Dry and refrigerated container […]


Logistics We offer integral maritime and land logistics services, with our highest standards of quality, safety, innovation and great experience in the field. With us you will find a punctual and flexible solution to your requirements, since our competitive advantages allow us to do so. Integral Logistic We have a maritime terminal (dock) in “Puerto […]

Shipping Agency

Shipping Agency We carry out the procedures to speed up and optimize the vessel’s time in port. Vessel Shipping Agency Shipping Agent. Marine Services. Previous Pricing